Markt(l)Xperiment – SPECIAL – AUSVERKAUFT!

Datum: Mo, 08.12.2014 um 20:00
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, Klagenfurt

Larry Coryell - git
Rob Bargad - p
Klemens Marktl - dr
Eintritt: € 17 | € 13 (PensionistInnen, StudentInnen, Ö1-Club, Behinderte) | € 10 für MusikstudentInnen

More than half a century after his first appearances Larry Coryell impresses with his eclecticism as a performer and with a composers‘ heart. His knowledgeable and technically well-versed guitar playing flows with an incredible lyricism. His exploration of the world of six strings has led him to the top of the world’s musical elite. To the jazz public he is well known as a pioneer of jazz-rock-fusion. With his 71 years, Larry Coryell behaves as a young man, full of energy, but with a calm wisdom. With a guitar phrase or encouraging word, he expostulates his vision of a higher consciousness. While studying journalism in Seattle he also pursued independently the study of jazz, with influences like Gabor Szabo. During this time he got the opportunity to meet the legendary Wes Montgomery. His perfectionism and his work habits were exponentially raising his reputation, so it is not surprising that a twenty-two year old artist sought more artistic space in New York, where he rigorously developed his own sound. His ambition, personal style and excellent technique enabled him to successfully incorporate into the vast musical structure of the Big Apple. He played with Chico Hamilton, soon after formed his band, The Free Spirits, participated in the Gary Burton group, whose album Duster (1967) the musical history mentions as the first jazz-rock album. Larry Coryell’s style was unique, with elements of blues, rock and country. He avoided the well-known motifs and lines and clichéd musical ideas. Impressed by the strong electric amplified blues of Hendrix and Clapton and the acoustic playing of Lenny Breau. He developed a hybrid sound, intended to improve the rational content and phraseology of blues and rock, while at the same time, his blues energy was incorporated into jazz ideas. With this he became the godfather of the new jazz fusion direction, alongside McLaughlin, Di Meola, Stern and others. In 1969, he founded the band Foreplay, which evolved into the more well-known Eleventh House. That band, along with Weather Report, Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra formed the core of jazz fusion in the early seventies. Larry demonstrates musical greatness and intellect through his work with musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Charles Mingus, Gary Burton, John McLaughlin, Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, Philip Catherine, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Roney, Mouzon de Francesco. His long career does not allow us to fully describe all of his collaborations. Such a list would surpass the size of this booklet. Larry Coryell is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarists of all times. The digital era has in many ways influenced modern musical trends. Larry Coryell maintains his multi-faceted definition of music as his own idiom, not exclusively jazz. Coryell’s status has not been overly affected by the current trends of the music industry. His eclecticism guides him to a wide variety of artistic pursuits. His guitar flows into the artistic waters of Rimsky-Korsakov and Stravinsky, particularly the Rite of Spring. With the current state of affairs in today’s world, imbued with tumultuous geopolitical situations, his higher consciousness led him to the creation of the opera War and Peace. As a foundation for the opera he took Tolstoy’s novel, excavated certain segments and instances, and skillfully created a multi-dimensional musical hologram of history and its meaning. His vision for this creation is to show that war is dangerous, violent and sometimes foolish and that the only recourse should be peace.

Short biography written by Zdravc Balantic


am Fr, 09.12.2022 um 19:00

Ausstellungseröffnung – Gert Jonke Haus PLUS | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt Lilith Erian, Johannes Farys, Jonas Fliedl, Kami Gharabaghi, Gregor Jakobitsch, Nina Herzog, Luis Kogler, Ina Riegler, Dominik Scharfer, Hind Shazly, Sebastian Tschebull

Kuratiert von Daniel Russegger und Sebastian Tschebull.
Wir freuen uns, Sie zu unserer nächsten Ausstellungseröffnung in die Villa For Forest am 9.12.2022 um 19 Uhr einladen zu dürfen.

Lange stand das Haus, in dem Gert Jonke seine Kindheit verbracht hat, leer. Seit 2021 wird es abwechselnd von verschiedenen Künstler*innen als Atelier und Werkstatt genutzt. Die bisherigen Ergebnisse werden im Zuge der Ausstellungsreihe des Vereins Innenhofkultur gemeinsam mit zwei jungen Künstlerpersönlichkeiten und Mitgliedern des Kunstvereins Kärnten, Johannes Farys und Ina Riegler, im Erdgeschoss der Villa For Forest präsentiert.

DJ Radiate - in direction funk - wird den Abend noch weiter erhellen.
Foto © Michael Watzenig

am So, 01.01.2023 um 11:33

Vorblick (in progress) 2023 – Verein Innenhofkultur

Viktringer Ring 21, 9020 Klagenfurt

  • Jänner 2, 3, 4: Puppentheater

  • Jänner 12: "More Blues" - Nösig, Wienerroither, Bartus A, Bartus P, Novakov

  • Jänner 20: Philocafe

  • Jänner 24: Berliner Trio um Andreas Villers

  • Jänner 30: Mütter, Laber, Oberleitner (zum 90er)

  • Februar 18: Red Emma

  • April 29: Kanalizazija

  • Juni 29,30: Ensemble Affinità

  • Juli 3: Melange a Deux Projekt

  • Juli 15: Galanacht der Improvisation
    ....wird fortgesetzt