INSTANT AVI – Konzert – 20.30

Datum: Do, 23.06.2011
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, 9020 Klagenfurt

karin loiitsch (voc)

jozej stikar (keys, acc)

lan sticker (perc)

felician honsig-erlenburg (sax)

Eintritt: Euro 12 | 10 | 6

karin loiitsch (vocals)
jozej stikar (keys, accordion)
lan sticker (percussion)
felician honsig (saxophone)

instant avi

Formed in 2007, the austrian singer–song writing duo of Karin Loitsch (vocals, guitar) and Jozej Stikar (keys, accordion) started to create their very own style of music, which they call „instant pop“. „Instant“ because they aim at reaching peoples hearts instantly with their songs and „Avi“ because this was Karin““““““““s nickname as a child.

Karin Loitsch and Jozej Stikar live and work together in Southern Austria, nearby the italian and slovenian border.

„After one of our latest concerts, the guy who booked us went out to buy himself a guitar. This is one of the great things to happen and definitely one of our major goals. To bring people in contact with their own inner music, their very private sounds and tones, which make them special and unique.”

In 2009 instant avi released their first album „innocent queen.“

„I sing the stories of my life, what else could I tell you about?“
Karin Loitsch, singer-songwriter

„When I was a little girl, I owned a very old fashioned tape recorder. I had just a few tapes with songs of popular music of the 70s. For hours and hours I sat and sang with all these great wonderful musicians not understanding a word, but feeling a universe.“

„I had this dream of being a singer, but never thought this could be real one day. Eight years ago a friend of mine, who plays the guitar, asked me to sing along with him, just improvising. After we had finished the song he looked at me and said: „Never ever stop singing again.“

„That was the beginning of my coming out in music. I started to write my own songs, which was an easy task, because it seemed like they had been lining up inside me for years.“

„I want to express the world and how I feel it in music – how does a stone, a traffic sign or fence of my neighbor sound?“
Jozej Stikar
pianist, keyboarder, songwriter, composer, teacher

Jozej grew up on the country side, in a family where singing and making music, were part of everyday life. At the age of five years, he discovered an accordion on the attic of their farmhouse. He started to learn this instrument by himself. Beginning from this point of time Jozej learned how to play the flute, the guitar, the akkordeon and finally the piano which he studied at the conservatory in upper austria.

At the age of twelve Jozej started to write his own songs and formed his first band. When Jozej was 15 years old he wrote his first piece of theatre music and since 27 years he loves to compose for theatre.

Since 14 years Jozej teaches the piano and enjoys working with young people.

„I make music because I like it“
Lan Sticker, percussionist

Since 2010 the 16 year old percussionist Lan Sticker joins the duo as often as possible.

„Watching Lan and listening to him while his life performances, is like breathing fresh air. It is an inspiration to Jozej and me to have a young musician as dynamic as Lan playing with us“
Karin Loitsch


morgen um 00:02

RE-CIRCELING | Karl Vidic & Uwe Bressnik | Villa am Ring (For Forest)

Villa am Ring (For Forest), Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt In der VILLA am Ring (FOR FOREST) - Viktringer Ring 21 - Klagenfurt.
Immer bei Veranstaltungen (nicht viele im Moment) offen, oder telefonisch Termin ausmachen - mit Karl Vicic 0676 5964917 oder Raimund Spöck 0676 9732222.
Die Ausstellung ist bis 15. November besuchbar.
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees
am Sa, 07.11.2020 um 18:00


Villa am Ring, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt (Scheinbar) alles dreht sich, alles bewegt sich -in Vidic’s Objekten wie in Bressnik’s Bildfindungen- um das Schwarze Gold, die Schallplatte, -BLACK STUFF in VINYL KINGDOM, from OUTA SPACE to. OUTACOUSTICS.
Aber auch das haben Vidic und Bressnik gemeinsam: VINYL ART AUSTRIA und SOUL SOURCE RECORDS sind -bei aller Opulenz- nur ein Teil des jeweiligen künstlerischen Pluriversums; das zyklische und stets neue Wieder-Aufbereiten von höchst individuellen Themenfeldern, die Wiederverwertung „armer“ Materialien, die Geburt des Werks aus Inspiration, Leidenschaft, Humor und Geist... all das und noch viel mehr verbindet diese beiden altgedienten Homeboys und Querköpfe der Kärntner Kunst; -RECIRCELING beschreibt das trefflich, und gibt einen kleinen Einblick in deren bildnerischen „Klang“.
Apropos Klang: Vidic und Bressnik werden -mit den Gästen Sunky + Sammer!- zur Finissage auch wieder den Sound zur Show von Band, Scheibe, Holz und Blech beisteuern, Anja Sturmat (D) liest dazwischen ein, zwei neue Kurzgeschichten.
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees
am Mi, 18.11.2020 um 18:00

NEW ADITS 2020 – X | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt

Wir feiern die 10. Ausgabe des Festival New Adits – X NA20
Detailprogramm - bitte die Veranstaltung anklicken, bzw.
(Klaus Filip, Kleksi, Rojin Sharafi, Bulbul, ARAF, VIVID Consort,Mutt / Mayr / Hackl, Mia Zabelka, P:Y:G, Katelyn Rose King, Georg Vogel, Kit Downes, Mo Nahold, Wolfgang Mitterer , Matthias Erian , Matija Schellander , Ingrid Schmoliner , Lukas König, Sir Tralala)
Eintritt pro Tag: € 30 | wenn Geldprobleme - down until min. € 10
Reservierungen, bzw. Kartenkauf: Zahlung auf AT532070600000128058 | 0676 9732222 |
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees