Ingrid Schmoliner / Jean Luc Guionnet: Improvisationen – Villa For Forest

Datum: Sa, 22.04.2023 um 20:00
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt

For some years, Ingrid & I listened to the solo of each other…
We decided not to mix them but to play as a duet…betting that some music we don’t know yet would show up…
And it did. (Jean Luc Guionnet)
Ingrid Schmoliner - Klavier
Jean Luc Guionnet - Saxophon
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Ingrid Schmoliner lives and works as a freelance musician – composer – curator and teacher in Vienna. Already before and during her classical studies at the Klagenfurt conservatory, majoring in piano, her music was characterized by an interest in improvised, experimental and contemporary music. Through her precise sound research and sophisticated – nuanced work on the piano and voice, she has made a name for herself as a musician and composer as an innovate creator. Schmoliner works on internationally renowned stages as a performer, improviser and composer. Artistically she moves in the genres of new music, experimental and improvised music, avant-garde, jazz, ambient music, free jazz, folk music, minimal music, techno. As a lecturer she is active in the areas of yodeling, overton singing, improvisation, instant composing and extended playing techniques on the piano.

Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing,08/05/2003

Jean-Luc Guionnet studied philosophy of art and visual arts at the Sorbonne (Paris 1). He then got commited to music and sound art through sound installations („reflected waves“ or „Stones, Air, Axioms : Fèn te ko ro, nka kow bè ro kolo ntè“), electroacoustic compositions and tape music („non organic bias“, „tournures cessent“), instrumental compositions („distances ouïes dites“) and musical improvisations (organ solos, sax solos, „hubbub“, „ames room“). He also did several programs for the national french radio (France Culture – ACR) about sound and listening. These various work are published in many musical label all over the world („ground fault“, „potlatch“, „empty editions“, „hibari“, …). Along with this sonic activity, he develops a theoretical work through a series of texts about metaphysics, sound and art that he uses to give lectures in french and english (transmedial, glasgow university, EHESS, etc.).


am Do, 14.12.2023 um 19:00

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