Datum: Sa, 30.04.2005
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: cik@künstlerhaus.klagenfurt

Der Schwerpunkt „Szene Süd “ (Die Musik Exjugoslawiens) wird mit dem AEO eröffnet:

Victor Lipic_upright piano
Igor Pavlica_tp
Jerko Valdevit_tp
Sven Buic_double bass
Luka Persic_saxes, keyboards, computer
Dragan Pajic Pajo_guitars

Founded in 1987, Cul de Sac ensemble was a meeting point for Dragan Pajic-Pajo (Bordel, Sumrak, Leteci Cirkus Dragana Pajica) already a veteran of Yugoslav alternative rock, with younger musicians from Haustor. Very soon they played No Wave/free improvisation in numerous contexts, from galleries to theatres, often participating in open space performances of Kugla-House Of Extreme Music Theatre. The performances were always supported from numerous visual artists, that worked with the ensemble. The hype was kept alive by numerous editions of tapes, distributed around Eastern Europe.
During the 1990s, the artists spent their destinies in exile, taking part in underground music circuits, like freicore – while living in Berlin, and free improvisation and new electronic improvisation – while living in Amsterdam. In 2003, Pajic has formed Accelerated Evolution Orchestra, with surviving members that live around the world, and few younger musicians.“
Jerko Valdevit (1976) multi-instrumentalist (tenor
sax, flute, plastic clarinet), founding member of „iL
Gruppo delle Azioni Progressive“ and frequent collaborant
of AEO. Valdevit played with improvisers as Joe Morris,
Charles Gayle, Marko Ciciliani, Anthony Coleman and Kruno
Levacic, poet Bela Marias, and some post-rock groups, as
Uzrujan, and post-tribal ensemble Zli Bubnjari.


am Mi, 18.11.2020 um 18:00

NEW ADITS 2020 – X | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt

Wir feiern die 10. Ausgabe des Festival New Adits – X NA20
Detailprogramm - bitte die Veranstaltung anklicken, bzw.
(Klaus Filip, Kleksi, Rojin Sharafi, Bulbul, ARAF, VIVID Consort,Mutt / Mayr / Hackl, Mia Zabelka, P:Y:G, Katelyn Rose King, Georg Vogel, Kit Downes, Mo Nahold, Wolfgang Mitterer , Matthias Erian , Matija Schellander , Ingrid Schmoliner , Lukas König, Sir Tralala)
Eintritt pro Tag: € 30 | wenn Geldprobleme - down until min. € 10
Reservierungen, bzw. Kartenkauf: Zahlung auf AT532070600000128058 | 0676 9732222 |
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees