VIPAVA-Tal | Weinverkostung – Villa For Forest

Datum: Mo, 17.06.2019 um 18:30
Veranstalter: Villa For Forest / Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt

Die Winzer:
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Wines from Sveti Martin are not something new, created from nothing. They are wines that have
told stories for generations and they please those who trust them. We are committed to creating
wines that please your senses…but most of all your soul.
Rather than chasing new trends, our priority is preserving the individuality of our wines, which truly
express their terroir and origin.

Peter Stegovec bought a piece of land in Sveti Martin around 1880 and started a long family tradition
of winegrowing and winemaking. Today, the house is still called “Pri Petrovih” (Peter’s family house).
Peter was a well-read man who had obtained a permit to open a wine shop in Trieste at the end of
the 19century.
His son Franc and grandson Stojan followed his footsteps However they both died young and, despite
great plans, were not able to expand the estate.

Stojan’s son Boris and his wife Boža were finally able to bring the families love and plans for the land
to fruition. Through the years, they managed to expand the family estate, where the wines of
Stegovec family thrive with great pride.
And, to close the family circle, Boris’ son Peter Stegovec, the fifth generation of the Stegovec family
in Sveti Martin, now manages the estate. He believes in the tradition of Sveti Martin and is therefore
well-suited to preserving “Pri Petrovih”.

Wine celllar MIŠKA
Discover the secrets of Miška wines. The indigenous and local varieties such as Pinela, Zelèn, Ribolla and Barbera are produced in exclusive small quantities. The cosily furnished tasting room offers enough space for 60 people. Wine cellar Miska is located in Erzelj, a village in the Upper Vipava Valley in Slovenia.


First vineyards of Strata were planted in 1950s just to have some noble drink in the house. Though the quantities weren´t plenty, the winemaker Leopold quickly became known to have the best wine in the area. He obviously had the right touch which pushed him forward to longlasting committment. His philosophy was always connected with nature. The wine was kept in wooden barrels with as little added sulphur as possible. Yeasts of course came from the oaks, where they slept through the winter. And the wine was good…

When his hands became too tired to prune the vines and nurture the soil, Alojzij, the youngest of his six children came to help. 90` were already different times, but despite his four children and a full-time job, Alojzij managed to follow the legacy of Leopold. The biggest of help was his acquisition of inox tanks. And the wine was even better…

Another milestone happened a few years after millenium. Alojzij`s family always helped him in the harvest but his second child Andrej always had some new ideas concerning the winemaking technologies. Alojzij thought this through and decided, that it was the time to let the young birds fly. As from 2006 vintage Andrej was in full control. Similar to his grandfather Leopold; it turned out that he enharited the love and the touch. And the wine…well, he will pour the glass with a smile…then you will decide.

The Strata cellar and vineyards are still in the boutique range. Andrej is giuding the wines through prolonged maceration to barrels where they rest to reach their peak.  The cellar holds different sorts of wine. Reds are the Rose wine, Barbera, Merlot and Refošk, whites,  the Rebula, Malvazija and a little bit of Riezling.

The Strata cellar and its vineyards are located in Vipava valley –  on the slopes of mount Čaven.


morgen um 15:00

VILLAR21 | Eröffnung = 1. Tag | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest (Am Ring), Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt Das neue Ausstellungsformat villar2I fördert junge Künstler:innen in der Villa am Ring 2I in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.
Kuratiert und realisiert wird es vom KunstkollektivRW in Kooperation mit dem Verein Innenhofkultur.
Jeweils am Freitag von 16 bis 18 Uhr
Und an Samstagen von 11 bis 13 Uhr, sowie von 15 bis 18 Uhr
Oder nach telefonischer Vereinbarung (0660 2303282, 0650 5896325)
Das Ausstellungsende wird erst bekanntgegeben.
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees
am Fr, 18.06.2021 um 19:00

Nabil (Alfred Goubran) & Primus Sitter: M’zungu Blues – Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt "… zwei genreüberschreitende Alleskönner, die zwischen dem Blues von Blind Willie Johnson und Howlin’ Wolf, den Songs von Bob Dylan, eigenständiger Lyrik und zeitgenössischen Klängen von Jack Walrath, Ingrid Jensen, dem Upper Austrian Jazz Orchester und George Garzone keine natürlichen Grenzen erkennen und sich daher respektvoll von all diesen Quellen (und weiteren) unbekümmert inspirieren lassen.
(Axel Melhardt, Jazzland, Wien)“
Eintritt: € 15 | StudentInnen und alle unter 18 Jahren € 8
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees