Sangoma Session #12 w/ ALMA LINDA

Datum: Fr, 08.12.2017 um 20:00
Veranstalter: Sangoma Session & Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, Klagenfurt

this is a party based on mutual respect and transcultural love!

already the last SANGOMA for this year before we are taking a recovery break to refocus and dedicate our energy to some side projects.. but this SESSION will be a proper extra long blast again where we all come together once more to salute love, life and ritual dancing!

Our guest DJ this time will be the wonderful ALMA LINDA!
Born between the mountains and the great seas of Chile, raised in Italy, England, France and Germany, music was Alma Linda’s greatest companion, best friend and trusted love.
The rhythms of different landscapes are her biggest inspiration: Andean music, hip hop, Arabic drums and jazz, united with the heart of electronic beats. In her powerful downbeat-sets she blends these worlds, rhythms, cultures, melodies and musical memories into her most personal stories, delivered right from her bare soul. In doing so, fear, vulnerability and mistakes turn into creatures she’s trying to become friends with instead of running away from. So don’t run – just dance!

musical companionship on the dancefloorjourney as usual by DJ MIXNIX and DJ PEKAVE

+ART PROJECT: happy society? – individual fortune cookies.



am Do, 14.12.2023 um 19:00

OLTAzach! | Vernissage | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, 9020 Klagenfurt OLTAzach!

David Geoga
Linda Gella (Strize^^)
Afale (Samuel Kißlinger)
Jannick Schiffer
Pippan Paul
Leon Korenček
Nino Nestler
Stefan Hinterberger
Marsel Osovska (mars)
Madame Ofen (Marija)
Leon Pingist
Stefano Spagnoli
Francesco Marcuzzi
Michael Watzenig
Philipp Doboczky
Lukas Painsi
Nina Herzog
Maurice Gößnitzer
Leon Radl
Kesha Bain

Kuratiert von den Künstler*innen und KULTURPROJEKTER