Datum: Mi, 04.12.2013
Veranstalter: Klimabündnis Kärnten & Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, 9020 Klagenfurt

Ruggero Robin - git (IT) | Per Mathisen - bass (NOR) | Eric Cisbani - dr/perc (IT)

inkl. BIO & FAIR TRADE VERKOSUNG plus Filmvorführung "Verfolgungsjagd im Klimaland"

Eine Kooperation zwischen Klimabündnis Kärnten & Verein Innenhofkultur


This highly explosive funk, jazz-rock trio includes the two most amazing Italian

musicians ever, Ruggero Robin on guitar, Eric Cisbani on drums, and the most in

demand Norwegian bass player, Per Mathisen.

This collaboration started a few years back and the band has made a serious impact

on audiences around Italy, during the summer of 2013.

These 3 performers are, on their individual instruments, some of the most virtuoso

players in whole Europe and always gives concerts that people will remember for life.

The interplay within the trio is on the highest world level and the music stretches from

wonderful beautiful ballads, to the most high voltage rocking and burning material.

Ruggero Robin and Per Mathisen have released close to 20 highly acclaimed CD““““““““s in

their own names and the numbers of world famous musicians and artists these 3 have

performed and/or recorded with, is countless. They have also, with different projects,

bands and artists, played in as many as over 35 countries world wide.

A concert with „Robin – Mathisen – Cisbani“ is not only a musical roller coaster, it““““““““s a

wonderful happening with a huge dose of humour,  joy for playing in front of an

audience and a celebration of life and music.

Ruggero Robin is born in Padova the 29 April of 1962. Considered child prodigy has

a relationship with the guitar

practically for a long time, in 1976 only 14 years old it wins the Italian national

contest „Disco D““““““““argento“.

Artist of great communicative ability, its guitar is present in over 60 million cd sold

in the world, its they are the guitars of „Time to say Goodbye“ „Con te Partirò“, „Io

vivo per lei“, “ Senza una donna“ „Whitout a Women“ „Miserere“ only to quote some

song of success.

Robin acquires very soon an elevated musical culture that allows to collaborate and

to perform himself with important international and Italian artists of the caliber of:

BB King,John Patitucci,Steve Gadd, Alex Acuña, Oskar Cartaya, Joe Diorio, Trilok

Gurtu, Enzo Todesco,Marc Jordan,Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Marc Quinones, Richie

Gajate García, Giulio Capiozzo,Frank Tontoh, George Acogny, Thoss Panos and

others great artists of the pop music as Zucchero Fornaciari, Andrea Bocelli,Luciano

Pavarotti,Paul Young, Dolores Riordan Cranberries, Giorgia, Nomadi, Riccardo Fogli

and many others.

It plays in prestigious festivals and Clubs with his Trio in Italy, France, Switzerland,

Slovak Republic, Republic Ceka,Poland,Japan.

Ruggero Robin, in collaboration with Bruce Gaitsch, it is present in „Guitar For

Freedom II“; splendid compilation to double cd with the best guitarists of the world:

Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Andy Summers, Carlos Santana, Mick Ronson,Steve Lukater

and many others. This compilation has been produced for economically helping the

famigliaris of the victims of September 11.

It collaborates to the realization of the new album of Sugar ZU&CO.

It participates as guitarist in the recording of the songs „Pure Love“, „Hey Man“,

„Without a woman“, „Miserere“, together with the great Star““““““““ses as Zucchero

Fornaciari, Luciano Pavarotti,Andrea Bocelli, Paul Young, B.B. King, Dolores O““““““““Riordan

and to other great musicians as Steve Gadd, Pino Palladino, Pole Jones, David

Sancious, Luciano Luisi.

He writes the songs for the Nomadi band „Dove Sei“ and „Certo che puoi“, from the

album „Liberi di volare“ (140.000 sold copies)

It gets by and he writes „Ti lascio una parola goodbye“ with Diego Pigozzo for the

Nomadi band, entering it „hit-list“ with two „disks of platinum“ (200.000 sold


It composes and it produces the two new unpublished passages of the last album

Love stories of Riccardo Fogli, „Please Love“ and „Tu non sei più mia.“ The cd has

gone out in the month of June with the executive production of Antonio Colombi for

the record label Nar International S.r.l. and distributed by the Edel.

It develops besides the activity of producer, arranger and composer in his own study.

It also develops didactic activity in his school and seminars on the improvisation jazz

around for the europa, besides that of musician intinerante, accompanied always by

musicians of great experience. Besides always accompanied by the most important

artists of the scene international jazz, Ruggero Robin he offers an original repertoire

drawn by his Cdses.““““““““


Per Mathisen, born in Sandefjord, Norway, 07.10.1969.

Musical education from Trondheim Jazz Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, Boston USA.

Has been a freelance electric and acoustic upright bassplayer with base in Oslo, Norway, since 1994.

Per has performed with all the major artists in Norway including tours, CD recordings, TV and radio shows and

recently he has joined Norway““““““““s second most selling pop/rock bands ever: „Dance with a stranger“.

He is often referred to as Jaco Pastorius of Norway and has even a trio with legendary drummer/percussion player

Alex Acuna, who was playing in Weather Report with Jaco for several years.

Played all the major jazzfestivals in Scandinavia and performed in as many as 35 different countries worldwide, with

internationally recognized artists like:

Alex Acuna (drums/perc with Weather Report, Koinonia),

Terry Lynne Carrington (drums with Herbie Hancock),

Bill Bruford, (drums with Yes, King Crimson),

Gary Husband, (drums with Level 42, Allan Holdsworth),

Geri Allen, (piano with Ornette Coleman),

Mike Stern, (guitar with Miles Davis),

Bill Evans, (sax with Miles Davis),

Bill Champlin, (singer & keys with Chicago),

Joseph Williams, (singer with TOTO),

Herman Matthews, (drums with Tower of Power),

Jerry Donohue, (solo guitar artist),

Hiram Bullock, (guitar with Steely Dan, Paul Simon),

Gary Thomas, (sax with Miles Davis),

Jojo Mayer, (drums with Dizzy Gillespie, Nerve),

Ralph Peterson, (drums with Michael Brecker),

Adam Nussbaum, (drums with Sonny Rollins),

Marilyn Mazur, (percussion with Miles Davis),

Antonio Sanchez, (drums with Pat Metheny),

Jon Christensen, (drums with Keith Jarret),

Terje Rypdal, (guitar solo carrier),

Maria Joao, (singer with Joe Zawinuel),

Walfredo de Los Reyes, (drums with Carlos Santana).

Ole Mathisen sax, Tony Moreno drums, Martin Valihora drums, Chris Washburne trombone, Ludwig Alfonse drums,

Kenny Wessel guitar, Olga Konkova piano, Jeff Davis drums, Jan Gunnar Hoff keys, Paolo Vinaccia drums, Helge Sunde

arranger/composer, Audun Kleive drums, Gerald Preinfalk sax, Martin Koller guitar, Juraj Burian guitar, Nguyen Le

guitar, etc.

Released 11 highly acclaimed records as a leader, co leader or band member.

1. „ELASTICS“, with OLE MATHISEN & PAOLO VINACCIA, on Losen Records, Norway.

2. „JUNGLE CITY“ with „ACUNA-HOFF-MATHISEN“. Alessa records, Austria.

3.“UNBOUND“ with OLGA KONKOVA, OLE MATHISEN & GARY HUSBAND, Alessa records, Austria.


5. „NYNDK“, with „NYNDK“, Jazzheads records, New York City.

6. „NORDIC DISRUPTION“ with „NYNDK“, Jazzheads records, New York City.

7. „THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK“ with „NYNDK“, Jazzheads records, New York City.

8. „COOKIN““““““““ AT HVALER“ with „STRINGZONE II“, Alessa records, Austria.

9. „MIRAGE“ with „FFEAR“, Jazzheads records, New York City.

10. „TRAPEZOID“ with „CROSSING BORDERS QUARTET“, Alessa records, Austria.

11. „BARXETA“ with „ACUNA-HOFF-MATHISEN“, Losen records, Oslo.

Also released a DVD with „Alex Acuna – Jan Gunnar Hoff – Per Mathisen Trio“ Live from in LA, USA.

Per is co leading the bands:

„ACUNA/HOFF/MATHISEN“, with Alex Acuna, drums/perc, Jan Gunnar Hoff, keys.

„CROSSING BORDERS QUARTET“, with Ole Mathisen, sax, Juraj Burian, guitar and Martin Valihora, drums.

„TRIO ELASTICS“, with Ole Mathisen, sax, Paolo Vinaccia, drums.

Is a member of the bands:

„Dance with a stranger“, Norway““““““““s second most selling pop/rock groups ever.

„FFEAR“, Ole Mathisen, sax, Chris Washburne, trombone and Tony Moreno, drums.

„OLGA KONKOVA, TRIO/QUARTET“, Olga Konkova, piano, Gary Husband, drums.

„ENSEMBLE DENADA“, Norwegian Big Band, lead by arranger and composer Helge Sunde.

„FRODE ALNOES TRIO“, Frode Alnoes, guitar, Rune Arnesen, drums.

„HANS MATHISEN QUARTET“, Hans Mathisen, guitar, Olga Konkova, piano


Born in 1975 he starts studying drums and percussions at the age of 7 when thanks to his

father, a musician himself, he discovers the music of the Beatles and namely Ringo Starr.

In 1995 he gets a diploma in Drums and Percussions at the Conservatory of Music G.

Rossini in Fermo and at the school of High Music Proficiency in Saluzzo (CN).

He also studied at the New England Conservatory in Boston (USA) and in the private

lesion with the drum guru Gary Chaffee.

In 1989 he appears in different bands performing as a drummer in many italian music

clubs .

As a classical percussionist he performs with the Filarmonica Marchigiana, Orchestra di

Fiati di Macerata, Internazionale d’Italia and the Filarmonici di Torino.

In 1991 he is awarded first prize as best italian drummer under the age of 18 at the

National contest organized by B.I.A. thus attracting the attention of journals such as

Percussion, Drum Club, Fare Musica, European Musician which rate him as one of the

most talented drummers in the Italian scene.

In his long and intense carreer he has performed and recorded with: Gigi Cifarelli Band,

Paola & Chiara, Ron, Drupi, Courtney Love, Steve Norman, Katia Ricciarelli, Linda

Valori, Giovanni Allevi Trio, Fabio Zeppetella Trio, Antonio Faraò Quartet, Maurizio

Giammarco, Flavio Boltro, Rita Marcotulli, Ruggero Robin Trio, Gianni Giudici, Daniele

di Bonaventura, Paolo Fresu, Furio di Castri, Shelly Preston and many others.

He appurared in festivals in: Holland, France, Croatia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany,

Canada, Usa, Italy, South America and Hungary.

Presently he teaches drums at the school „Il Sentiero delle Note“ in Montecchio

Maggiore (VI) and endorses Pearl and Sabian, Drum Art Snare&Sticks and Evans heads.