Nazzareno Zacconi Power Trio – (2. Mal im raj: grossartig!)

Datum: Do, 12.02.2015 um 20:00
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, Klagenfurt

Auf Grund der sehr ausdruckstarken Musik - das 2. Mal im raj !
Nazzareno Zacconi-git | Peter Smrdel-b | Žiga Smrdel-dr
Eintritt: € 12 | 10 | 6

Frontman of the band Nazzareno Zacconi is an amazing guitar player from Italy, that has been touring with famus musicians such as TM Stevens (Bass player of James Brown), Jannifer Batten (Guitar player of Michael Jackson), Ron Thal.
The Rhythm section is held by young brothers from Slovenia, Žiga Smrdel on drums and Peter Smrdel on Bass. The project started back in 2012 in Italy and with in a year they have recorded their first album together playing jazz standards in their unique style(Jazz and fusion). Now they are working on their own music and in 2014 they will record another album.

Nazzareno Zacconi was born in 1975 and began playing guitar at 9 studying jazz with Ramberto Ciammarughi and Fabio Zeppetella and classical guitar with Maestro Pietro Antinori until he started experimenting pop music with producer Massimo Varini. He has been collaborating with Ron Thal Bumblefoot (european tour 2013), Jennifer Batten (european tour 2013),TM Stevens (tour “Schocka Zooloo” 2012 ), Massimo Varini (Tour EKO MIA 2011-2012), Michele Pecora’s “Orchestra Mediterranea “ performing with many names of Italian and worldwide music (RON, Gatto Panceri, Riccardo Fogli, Ivana Spagna, Annalisa Minetti, Mietta, Lighea, Barbara Cola, Gypsy King family, etc….)
He also played on many record productions with several artists and he released his first solo record “Rock/rock” in 2006, followed by “Il volto della terra” (2010), a classic guitar work with previously unreleased material, and “AKUSTIKO” (2012) released by Massimo Varini’s label Kymotto Music.
He is Framus endorser for guitars and amplificators.

Link per info: Web site : Facebook: Facebook artist page: Youtube channel : nazzareno zacconi: My space: My space pink floyd sound tribute: Pink floyd sound tribute web site : Facebook pink floyd sound tribute:

Video tracks of AKUSTIKO: Akustiko Quiet breathing Dance of sara Keeping alone the just answer INTRODUCING AKUSTIKO The “Akustiko” project beginning is about 15 years ago; I wrote the first song “My acoustic side” in those days, after that my musical career went through jazz, classic, country, blues and rock until today… the truth is that this record represents a parallel world which grew from all the influences I had in my music, presented in an acoustic way. The idea of a CD recording came during the EKO tour with Massimo Varini, also producer of the record with his label Kymotto Music. The songs in AKUSTIKO are widely representative of many styles and states of mind, tracing a path from the country related classic finger picking to the latest sound and modern techniques like tapping and percussive guitar mixed with ethnic and Mediterranean sound. Many of the tunes describe landscapes or are related to people who inspired musical themes. Visiting new places, linking to different people, living new experiences is the base of the inspiration which forms in different musical languages. “Music is life” as much as “Life is music” and this concept is fundamental… at least this is what I believe, an artist takes inspiration in his experience, voyages, meetings, people, emotions, sensations and he turns all of this to his audience creating a high level of communication… this process generates an audience to artis feedback generating always new inspiration. Basically, this is the idea behind AKUSTIKO, everyday life as the inspiration, people, places, experiences, thousand of communication ways which make life wonderful through places and time, linking people and their emotions. With their colours and sounds, I used the various musical languages to tell about all this.



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Die Ausstellung ist bis 15. November besuchbar.
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