Markt(l)Xperiment – 20.00

Datum: Mo, 16.12.2013
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, 9020 Klagenfurt

Rotem Sivan (IL) - git | Marc Abrams - b | KM - drums & mastermind

Eintritt: € 8 | StudentInnen € 5

Ich freu mich diesmal, meinen Freund und tollen Gitarristen Rotem Sivan aus Israel dabeizuhaben. Er lebt seit einigen Jahren in New York und ist dort ind er Szene sehr umtriebig. Gerade letzten September hatten wir einen gemeinsamen Auftritt im Shap Shifter Lab in Brooklyn und daher freut es mich besonders, daß er diesmal mit dabei im raj ist.

One of a very few truly original guitarists on the scene today…” Bop-N-Jazz

„He‘s formed his own unique style and soft sound, almost bell-like, and at times the notes seem to be wrapped in a smoke ring.” Jazzholic

„Enchanted Sun showcases Sivan and a trio possessed of energy, intensity, creativity and remarkable chemistry on this excellent debut.“ – All About Jazz

„I am confident in Sivan““s unique abilities to transform the jazz guitar world.” – Ari Honing

„Israeli guitarist set for a bright future in Jazz.” The Jazzman


Rotem Sivan is a well-praised and fascinating new voice in the New York jazz scene. Born in Haifa, Israel, Sivan’s early attraction to guitar and jazz started at a very early age. He was exposed and influenced by a variety of music genres including Baroque compositors, classic rock, Middle-Eastern and Indian music. His early influences were Led Zeppelin, J.S. Bach, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheny, Leonard Cohen, John Schofield, Erik Satie, W.A. Mozart, Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal and Brad Mehldau.

Sivan is a graduate of the prestigious WIZO arts high school’s music department. He continued to study in the Tel-Aviv University Music Academy, where he completed his B.A. with honors in Classical Composition. In 2008, Sivan moved to New York City and continued his music education at The New School earning his B.F.A in Jazz and Contemporary Music, with honors.

In New York, Sivan instantly became an active player in the village jazz scene and started collaborating with acclaimed musicians such as Ari Hoenig, Peter Brenstien, Yasushi Nakamura, Colin Stranahan, Haggai Cohen-Milo, Paul Bollenback, Ziv Ravitz, Dave Schnitter and Omer Avital. He performs regularly at well-known jazz venues such as The Bar Next Door, Smalls, Fat Cat, Le Poisson Rouge, The Metropolitan Room and many others. Sivan is a prize-winner of the Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 and, in the summer of 2010, the Rotem Sivan Group was invited to perform at the renowned Bern Jazz Festival, playing side by side with the McCoy Tyner Quartet. He regularly stars in jazz magazines reviews and articles such as All About Jazz, Hot House Jazz, New York Jazz Record, Jocks and Nerds and Jazz Times.

Sivan’s musical palette draws from classical and jazz influences combined with ethnic elements. In his recent and well-received debut album, Enchanted Sun, Sivan skillfully fuses these into a new approach to the Jazz Guitar Trio instrumentation. The album, recorded with Sam Anning and Rajiv Jayaweera was released in June 2013 on Steeple-Chase Records. Through music, Sivan, Anning and Jayaweera became close friends and they continue to collaborate and perform together. The creative process was a collaboration and exchange of ideas that resulted in a collection of concepts, forms and eventually compositions. Sivan’s compositions and other materials used in this album represent a certain period of musical explorations that began with his relocation to New York City from Israel.

Sivan believes in the interactive and intimate format of the trio setting that allows for flexible collaboration. While his style is rooted in the traditional jazz vocabulary, he brings a fresh touch and a rare sophistication that transcends audiences. He presents great instrument control and technique that inspires musicians who follow him. His elegant handling of the guitar displays clean and precise capabilities that enhance his sound and emotional presence.


am Do, 30.03.2023 um 20:00

Raus aus den Bubbles! – Klaus Karlbauers multimedialer Demokratie-Chor! | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt Erste öffentliche Präsentation des Siegerprojektes des 2. Calls der Kärntner Kulturstiftung.

Aufruf an junge Künstler*innen aus Kärnten für ein multimediales Kunstprojekt. Die Kärntner Szene soll in unerwarteten Konstellationen sichtbar gemacht werden. Zusammenarbeit mit Schulen und verschiedenen Szenen für einen "Multimedialen Demokratie-Chor", der hier nicht nur für Musik, sondern für das Zusammenbringen und Zusammenarbeiten steht.

Interessierte sind zur Projektpräsentation und Erarbeitung am 30. März 2023 (ab 12 Uhr) in der Villa For Forest (Viktringerring 21, 9020 Klagenfurt) eingeladen. Tagsüber können Ideen ausgetauscht und schon an Projekten gearbeitet werden, am Abend (20 Uhr) soll es eine Präsentation geben. Für Verpflegung ist gesorgt.

Beiträge in Form von Videos, Musik, Sound, Tanz, Performance, Text uvm. sind möglich. Ziel ist es, ein "Gesamtbild" zu schaffen mit verschiedenen Positionen, Stilen und Widersprüchen, welches dann bei verschiedenen Veranstaltungen, zB. Klagenfurt Festival, präsentiert wird.
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Bei Fragen: Klaus Karlbauer, (Multimedia Künstler und Organisator)
Leon Bernhofer, (Netzwerker aus der jungen Kulturszene)