Gerry Hemingway Quintet – 20.00

Datum: Mi, 31.10.2012
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, 9020 Klagenfurt

Oscar Noriega-cl, bcl | Ellery Eskelin-ts

Terrence McManus-git | Mark Helias-ac & el bass

Gerry Hemingway-dr

Eintritt: € 15 | 12 | 6

Gerry Hemingway Quintet – 2012 „Riptide“

BIG NEWS !!! The quintet has
been booked by the 2012 Saalfelden Festival and the Willisau Festival
for August 2012 – because of this – many notices, reviews, videos and
general pubicity about the group will become available prior to our fall
tour in 2012. This should help tremendously in promoting your booking

Oscar Noriega-clarinet,
bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Ellery Eskelin-tenor saxophone
Terrence McManus-guitars
(Kermit Driscoll-acoustic and electric bass ::: no, he is for a bypassoperation in hospital)


Mark Elias-bass

Gerry Hemingway-drums

The quintet has evolved from
Hemingway´s long standing compositional platform that began in 1985 with
the recording of „Outerbridge Crossing“ and has enjoyed numerous
incarnations while retaining its penchant for an integrative
compositional/improvisational ensemble approach. What that adds up to is
a compositional practice that has refined a way to frame the individual
members unique sonic, interpretive and improvisational vocabulary with
pieces that are detailed, structured and rich with content. The
character of the music is multi-faceted, from coloristic subtlety to
visceral intensity, sometimes the groove is deep and other times the
rhythmic interplay is elaborate and mischievous.
The quintet will be touring material from their July 2011 release
entitled „Riptide“ on the Clean Feed label as well as presenting some
re-arrangments of previous quintet material for this new instrumentation
and personnel which combines players from ongoing & previous
quartet and quintet.

Fernando Gonzales, Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

….the compositions are the star of the
show. Hemingway is going where few jazz musicians have gone before, and
he´s doing it with rare intelligence and musical sophistication. In
fact, this album is so good, I´m inspired to dust off the most hackneyed
two-word phrase in the critics lexicon: „highly recommended.“ Seldom
has its use been more apt.“

Chris Kelsey, CounterCurrents – JazzTimes

….Hemingways opulent compositions cover a broad stylistic
spectrum, their subtle differences are always sublimated into his
singular language…..His effortless modulations between time signatures
and timbral dynamics prove endlessly fascinating, yet his surprisingly
unorthodox arrangements and idiosyncratic reinterpretations of
conventional forms are equally impressive.
Troy Collins Point of Departure – September Issue – 2011

„Hemingways quintet is certainly capable of a multitude of moods and
genres, and altogether Riptide is a rich, unusual CD, a treasure of
sounds and rhythms and dancing lines. And Hemingway proves once again
that tradition doesn´t necessarily mean stale, witness the fresh breath
he infuses into this classic jazz lineup.“

Florence Wetzl Squids Ear December 2011

Downbeat Review of previous Quartet/Quintet releases from 2/2006

Wednesday October 24 – Brest Festival, France (option – awaiting confirmation of a space – a )
Thursday October 25- – open (Follow the Sound – Antwerp – if slot opens up) – date remains open !

Friday October 26- Umeå festival option (pending budget- looks good)
Saturday October 27- Bim Huis, Amsterdam
Sunday October 28- Kulturspeicher, Leer, DE
Monday October 29- Linz, Austria
Tuesday October 30- Stockwerk, Graz
Wednesday October 31- Innenhof, Klagenfurt, Austria (possible will confirm shortly)
Thursday, November 1 – Vienna (is noted on their schedule- officially
its an option- will confirm later in June – chances are currently very
Friday, November 2 – Tampere Finland festival
Saturday, November 3 – Padova, Italia
Sunday November 4 – Bern – Bee Flat (option – awaiting confirmation)


übermorgen um 00:02

RE-CIRCELING | Karl Vidic & Uwe Bressnik | Villa am Ring (For Forest)

Villa am Ring (For Forest), Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt In der VILLA am Ring (FOR FOREST) - Viktringer Ring 21 - Klagenfurt.
Immer bei Veranstaltungen (nicht viele im Moment) offen, oder telefonisch Termin ausmachen - mit Karl Vicic 0676 5964917 oder Raimund Spöck 0676 9732222.
Die Ausstellung ist bis 15. November besuchbar.
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees
am Sa, 07.11.2020 um 18:00


Villa am Ring, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt (Scheinbar) alles dreht sich, alles bewegt sich -in Vidic’s Objekten wie in Bressnik’s Bildfindungen- um das Schwarze Gold, die Schallplatte, -BLACK STUFF in VINYL KINGDOM, from OUTA SPACE to. OUTACOUSTICS.
Aber auch das haben Vidic und Bressnik gemeinsam: VINYL ART AUSTRIA und SOUL SOURCE RECORDS sind -bei aller Opulenz- nur ein Teil des jeweiligen künstlerischen Pluriversums; das zyklische und stets neue Wieder-Aufbereiten von höchst individuellen Themenfeldern, die Wiederverwertung „armer“ Materialien, die Geburt des Werks aus Inspiration, Leidenschaft, Humor und Geist... all das und noch viel mehr verbindet diese beiden altgedienten Homeboys und Querköpfe der Kärntner Kunst; -RECIRCELING beschreibt das trefflich, und gibt einen kleinen Einblick in deren bildnerischen „Klang“.
Apropos Klang: Vidic und Bressnik werden -mit den Gästen Sunky + Sammer!- zur Finissage auch wieder den Sound zur Show von Band, Scheibe, Holz und Blech beisteuern, Anja Sturmat (D) liest dazwischen ein, zwei neue Kurzgeschichten.
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees
am Mi, 18.11.2020 um 18:00

NEW ADITS 2020 – X | Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt

Wir feiern die 10. Ausgabe des Festival New Adits – X NA20
Detailprogramm - bitte die Veranstaltung anklicken, bzw.
(Klaus Filip, Kleksi, Rojin Sharafi, Bulbul, ARAF, VIVID Consort,Mutt / Mayr / Hackl, Mia Zabelka, P:Y:G, Katelyn Rose King, Georg Vogel, Kit Downes, Mo Nahold, Wolfgang Mitterer , Matthias Erian , Matija Schellander , Ingrid Schmoliner , Lukas König, Sir Tralala)
Eintritt pro Tag: € 30 | wenn Geldprobleme - down until min. € 10
Reservierungen, bzw. Kartenkauf: Zahlung auf AT532070600000128058 | 0676 9732222 |
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees