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Datum: Sa, 11.12.2010
Veranstalter: Radio Agora
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, 9020 Klagenfurt

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special guest - vlado kreslin


Veranstalter: Radio Agora

vlado kreslin
Vlado Kreslin is one of the most influential Slovenian musicians, whose distinctive style combines elements of folk, pop and rock music. He started his career as the lead singer of Martin Krpan, but made an even greater name for himself as a solo artist, focusing much more on his Prekmurje roots. His great ability to combine different music genres is complemented by his exquisite selections of guest performers to join him for his concerts.
Slovenia Times
I prefer traditional music, whatever its origin. Other music is not as interesting or exiting, since it derives from derivatives. I really like Vlado Kreslin““““s approach.
Goran Bregović
Vlado Kreslin is the Slovenian „Bob Dylan“. He is immmensely popular in Slovenia. His songs have been used as the basis for novels and films. Scott McCaughey (R.E.M.) introduced me to his music, having discovered Kreslin““““s music when he opened for R.E.M. this past summer in Slovenia.
Chris Eckman of The Walkabouts who have recorded their own version of Vlado““““s song Tista črna kitara (That Black Guitar) on their album The Train Leaves At Eight.
Kreslin is something of a national institution in Slovenia, a singer and songwriter who is also responsible for a reawakening of interest in older traditional ballads and songs. Martin Krpan split after opening for Bob Dylan in Ljubljana in 1991. It seems his place in Slovenian culture is an amalgam of Christy Moore, John Williamson and Jacques Brel.
The Camberra Times, Tuesday, February 17, 1998, Graham McDonald
When a person listens to some of Kreslin““““s songs, it may seem that folk, blues and rock was invented by Slovenians. This is, of course far from th thruth, but he is so good that the songs are musically universal yet still slovenian in spirit .
Aleksander Dragaš Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 4.3.2004
I thought his music was marvellous and the performance of it all a magical fusion of so many Mitteleuropean motifs, that it put me in mind of everything from the films of Emir Kusturica to the books of Bohumil Hrabal.
Richard Flanagan, Australian writer


am Sa, 26.02.2022 um 19:30

Robert Unterköfler – SOLO – Albumpräsentation – Villa For Forest

Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt Rote Welt Records präsentiert die neueste Produktion: Das Soloalbum des Labelgründers Robert Unterköfler. Der Saxophonist zeigt hierbei die verschiedenen Seiten seines musikalischen Universums mittels ausgewählten Improvisationen und Eigenkompositionen. Durch die Kompromisslosigkeit des Solokontexts können die verschiedenen Facetten seiner Person unverschleiert ausgedrückt werden. Das Motto dabei ist und bleibt: Nichts muss - Alles kann sein.
Eintritt: € 12 | € 6 Studies, SchülerInnen, unter 18 Jahren
Supported by FOR FOREST - the voice for trees
(photo © Eckhart Derschmidt)