The Breezies + Denise´s Geburtstag – Villa For Forest

Datum: Sa, 14.01.2023 um 20:00
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: Villa For Forest, Viktringer Ring 21, Klagenfurt

Kristina Presker - Vocal
Zan Bračun - Guitar
Miha Kokot - Keyboard
Jaka Krušič - E. Bass
Pavel Čebašek - Drums
Afterparty zum Geburtstag mit DJ Emma u.a.
Komm vorbei, let's party!
Eintritt: 15€ | 7€ Studierende und unter 18

The breezies came together for this special evening of celebration and love. Musicians are Slovenians who study here in Klagenfurt at GMPU. You can expect to hear some great hits from 80s and 90s as well as some soulfull hits from artists like Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars. So get your feet ready for some dancing and as the band like to say: Take it easy with the Breezie.
Afterwards will DJ Emma and others delight us with some music!
See you on the dancefloor!
Cheers Denise