Die Aschermittwochsansage: JR5 feat. Miles Griffith – 20 Uhr

Datum: Mi, 17.02.2010
Veranstalter: Verein Innenhofkultur
Ort: raj, Badgasse 7, 9020 Klagenfurt


Eintritt: 12 | 10 | 6

(normal/ermaessigt/Schüler, Musikschüler, Konse)

line up:
Daniel Noesig – trumpet
Vanja Kevresan – guitar
Erik Marence – hammond, piano
Wolfi Rainer – drums
Robert Jukic – bass, composition
special guest: Miles Griffith – vocal

Miles Griffith

Miles Griffith (USA)
In just a few short years, Miles Griffith““““““““s fearless approach to music has helped him to emerge as a serious contender on the modern jazz scene. Adept in any context, his organic style is adventurous, whimsical, fiery, heart-felt and always on the cutting edge. Griffith seamlessly weaves together a potpourri of styles illuminating the „down home“ fun missing in much of jazz““““““““ current vocal genre. With an instrument which is poised and mature beyond his years, Griffith is also comfortable with some of the more traditional vocal repertoire. Noted jazz critic, Ira Gitler of Jazz Times states, „Griffith““““““““s balladry bows in the direction of the romantic baritones of the ““““““““40s and ““““““““50s,“ while Bob Young of the Boston Herald declares, „his oblique Betty Caterish approach shows off his dark phrasing and penchant for melody.“

JR5+ :
A band led by slovenian bassist Robert Jukic, a musician that has managed to merge elements of cultural diversity, the expressive power, a
sense of humanism and the strong will for peace, of his friends musicians into a group that brings to the stage a powerfull and expressive music but wrapped in a cloth of sensible and harmonic balance which haunts your attention almost instantly and entirely. A kind of music which combined with talent of Miles Griffith brings to audiences an extrordinary experience and a captivating voyage of numerous cultural and artistic destinations.